Team Golden Nest War Amputees Football Team – Sierra Leone

Kicking off 2014 with sponsoring a mission trip to Sierra Leone, Team Golden Nest consist of strong, resilient and happy: turning victim to victor mentality! Our beloved Amputee Football Team in Sierra Leone is Super Inspirational!!!



Haiyan Relief


Super Typhoon Haiyan, the largest tropical cyclone ever recorded, struck the central Philippines on Thursday evening, November 7, (U.S. time) impacting the lives of over 25 million people. The Category 5 super storm harbored winds exceeding 200 mph along with torrential rain, causing massive destruction and loss of life. Golden Nest in partnership with World Harvest maximize their efforts to save human life, below is the report of the team who went there to distribute foods and medical support.

The route were taken is from GenSan- Cebu-Sogod-Tacloban-Ormoc-Cebu. We just arrived here in Cebu and just able to send this email to you.  We purchased goods in Sogod, the municipality six hours from Tacloban, considering that the place has enough food supply than the nearby town and municipalities near Tacloban. We hired vehicle (truck) from Sogod and started our journey to Tacloban.

The team was able to assess the place and we realized that the damage of typhoon Haiyan was very vast. Almost all of the municipalities were affected. Take for an example, the municipalities of Mayorga, Dulag, Talosa…their town were totally damaged from typhoon…children and some adults were begging and asking for food awaiting beside the road. As we saw them, we were moved with compassion, and we throw same goods on them while the truck was still moving, the team would not stop because if we did, they might loot us, chances are, we might not reach our destination.


We arrived there at Tacloban proper at evening December 03. We started releasing goods at 8 am with the help of LGU, especially the Barangay chairwoman Evelyn Magalona. There are about 700 families affected by the typhoon who were recipients by the Sponsors through us. At Living Water Foursquare Gospel Church, we are able to released goods for 450 families… We are not also releasing goods just for Tacloban only but we are able to extend our help to Samar and in Ormoc.

Tacloban is a vast city amounting to 100 plus barangays. Image

Here is the breakdown of families that were recipients of our relief goods:

Cong. Artemio Mate Avenue Tacloban City = 450 families

Sta. Rita Maramot, Samar = 25 families

Alimasag San Jose, Tacloban = 20 families

Diversion Road BLISS Sagkahan, Tacloban City = 100 families

Cristina Heights Subdivision = 100 families

Alta Vista Ormoc City = 10 families


The city proper was in chaos, mountains of garbage was piling on the road, there is inflation of prices, foul odor/bad smell was and is very prominent in the area because some bodies were not retrieved and were rotten.


The MSB!

Below is World Harvest Interview with Golden Nest Owner, Be Inspired!

Hey, everyone!!! I just wanted to update you guys on some of the cool things that we’ve been doing here at WorldHarvest. We’ve recently assembled a spiffy, all-in-one medical relief bus called the MSB (Medical Service Bus) for our upcoming outreach in Nepal! This vehicle is equipped with a dental chair, tent, water filtration system, and many other tools to make our medical mission a whole lot more convenient. We are incredibly thankful for the donors who made this bus possible. Because of sponsors like Golden Nest Inc, we can bring the medical relief to some of the most rural terrains in Nepal. We actually had a chance to talk to the owner of Golden Nest recently and here are some of the things he had to say regarding his decision to donate to the MSB.Image

WorldHarvest: What do you want to see accomplished?
Due to the poor financial standing of most residents in Nepal, health care is hard to attain and even harder to maintain. It’s normal for most families to tend to their crops each day from dawn to dusk. This, in combination with the geography of the land, is a huge problem for the Nepali people when they need to seek immediate medical care. It can take a few days to walk to the nearest road, since taking the bus would cost them a hefty sum of money. Most individuals cannot afford to spend this much time or money, so they resort to just dealing with their sickness without any medical attention. Being able to live a healthy life is a basic human right, and when we see people without this fundamental aspect, we must step in and make a change. My vision for sponsoring this medical bus is simple—to help those less fortunate to be able to seek medical help. I wish to see the Nepali people gain access to health care facilities so that they may be able to focus on their loved ones and enjoy life more freely without having to worry about spending such valuable time and money in travel.

WorldHarvest: What did you see over in Nepal that made you want to support this medical bus project?
Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. In the mid 1990’s, Maoist rebels began a decade-long campaign that left almost 12,000 people dead and around 100,000 displaced. The recovery from this travesty is still underway even though it’s been almost two decades. More than half of the Nepali population lives below the international poverty line of $1.25 per day. The average life expectancy is only 66 years due to the critical lack of health care. This results in thousands of unnecessary deaths due to malnutrition, communicable diseases and HIV/AIDS.

Last year, after I had visited Nepal, I felt so much more whole than when I first arrived. This is because I saw things that surprised me and changed my perspective. My team and I saw people living with hardly any tangible items and still giving help to those around them, who had even less. Nepal is a community-based system. This cooperative society meant that if one family does not have enough crops in their field to feed themselves, then the others would offer some of their own crops to ensure that everyone would be able to eat. We experienced this selflessness when the Nepali people looked at us, perfect strangers, with the same friendly eyes.

We knew we needed to find a way to help these loving people even though we were unable to assist them at the time. That is why we decided to sponsor this medical bus. In using the bus, the residents of Nepal will be able to receive medical attention without spending several days travelling. Although many support groups travel to Nepal to provide aid, the Nepali need self-reliance, peace of mind, and the freedom to seek medical services upon its necessity.

WorldHarvest: How do you think this medical bus will help the Nepali people?
This medical bus will change the lives of the Nepali people in ways that one could not even imagine. The bus will provide not only a means of transportation but it will also allow for a healthier community, and more importantly, peace of mind. A medical bus means that a mother may rest easier at night knowing that if her child falls sick, which happens all too often, then he/she will be able to receive attention more quickly. In addition, a child will be able to enjoy more time with her HIV-positive parents since access to treatment will become more attainable and more consistent. These priceless luxuries—extra time with loved ones and a slightly less stressful mind—are even more valuable than money, and that is what a medical bus will provide for the Nepali people.


2013 RECAP


Often times people only have the opportunity to witness the business side of our company, but there is a whole other world of volunteering and donations to Golden Nest ®. Since 2011, Golden Nest® has been working together with World Harvest and has had the ability to reach out to thousands of people in Indonesia, Africa, Somalia and Nepal.


A birthday party for a 2-year old boy of Golden Nest owner was dedicated to Kampung Sawah, a very poor suburban slum community on the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia . Instead of bringing gifts for the boy, the parents encourage the 200 guests that attended the party to write a check to help children in Kampung Sawah.

Nearly $15,000 was raised.


Kampung Sawah community is located in the midle of huge garbage dump area. It has high risk of public diseases such as typhoid, cholera, worm, and diarrhea.

The entire community is founded on a giant landImagefill, and the residents of the town spend their days sorting trash for less than 2$ a day. Though this should by all means be a hopeless place, Golden Nest in partnership with World Harvest is making a difference in the community by extending education sponsorships to the children of Kampung Sawah.

With an education, these children now have hope and an opportunity to break out of the shackles of poverty.



The power to create change stems from people working together. Our team was able to deliver close to 44,000 pounds of food including a nutritional mix, maize, and beans. In addition, we also hosted a medical camp to help treat illnesses and distributed various aid. The total reach of this trip was close to 7,000 people in less than two weeks.  We can make a difference!




Golden Nest® provided over 400 families with medical care and food. Our team ventured through the danger of war to various cities to distribute a total of 15 tons of food, and administer 135 prescriptions, and 65 vaccinations, one child was even transported to a nearby hospital for kidney failure treatment.

_ANG2047 _ANG2194



Golden Nest® team took a trip to Nepal and was able to provide dental and medical services for 320 adults and over 120 children. In addition, we donated over $1,000 in bedding materials, clothes, and furniture to an orphanage in Nepal. Golden Nest® also saw the need of transportation for Nepali people in order to fulfill the basic necessity of health and food, by sponsoring a medical bus to Nepali people. In result, medical care will be more readily available for Nepal residents, and will improve their way of life.



Golden Nest® was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to touch so many lives. We are currently planning more outreach programs in order to help and support more people who are less fortunate – When you purchase Golden Nest® products, a portion os the proceeds go towards our outreach programs. You are playing a significant role in helping others in need. Together we can make a difference – THANK YOU for your suppot!





Make the Homeless Smile

All too often it is natural, and merely reactive to overlook the homeless. Especially so when conditioned to living in a large city, the homeless become an ordinary, expected sight. They become as regular as trees in a forest, or grains of sand on a beach- but they are not, homeless people are simply that, people.
This video shows how even the smallest acts of kindness, of humanity, can influence another person’s life. So please, reach out to the homeless when you pass by them, acknowledge them, feed them, talk to them.
Your actions, no matter how small, can in fact make a difference.



There’s a saying: “Once hope is gone, death is just formality”.

Let’s not let this happen to the precious children in Africa.

Whenever you see this banner…

or this sticker…

… take an action and support!
Golden Nest gives $3 of each case (12 bottles ) purchased

directly to malnourished kids in Somalia, Africa.

Your purchase will give HOPE to these kids, let’s make a difference!


On July 8th, 20 People from Los Angeles plus 10 Nepali volunteers with 2 doctors and 3 medical staffs went to Nala village to organize a one-day dental service. Nala is a village development committee in Kavrepalanchok District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal, with a population of 6327 in 1035 individual households. This service was made possible with the help of Golden Nest, Inc together with Summer Mission team of International Full Gospel Fellowship (  The clinic was started 10 AM in the morning till 7 PM at the evening, where 320 adults and 121 school children benefited from different kinds of dental help.

On July 15th, another dental service was organized in Kathmandu, where 160 people directly benefited. Kathmandu is the capital and, with more than one million inhabitants, the largest metropolitan city of Nepal. The city is the urban core of the Kathmandu Valley in the Himalayas. Four types of dental services were offered, including: scaling, extraction, filling and general dental treatment. They also received a package of Colgate toothpaste and tooth brush after the treatment. But what’s more important is that, all of them had an opportunity to encounter the love and care of the team.

That day, some of the team also went to visit orphanage to distribute the gifts to the orphans and underprivileged adults.

Golden Nest, Inc supported by donating $1,000 worth of all the materials and supplies needed in that orphanage such as:

Slippers and shoes

Cupboards made by reed

Sets of shirt and pants

Set of ladies clothes

Set of pillows and bed covers.

After getting those gifts the children were so happy that they have clothes, shoes, materials that they need for sleep etc.!

Prabin Nepal (grade 3)

“I am so happy with the beautiful gift. I have new clothes to wear while going to school. Thank you so much for the gifts. I always pray for them who provided us a great blessing, to the brothers and sisters of Golden Nest organization. We love you and thank you for loving us.”

Erza Chaudhari (grade 2)

“Yes, we are happy to receive the gifts from 2 lovely sisters Carisha and Sharilyn. They are so lovely and they spent times with us. I will always remember them and I hope that we can meet again. Thank you for loving and caring for us.”

“I want to thank to Golden nest organization for their help and financial support in 2 dental clinics and for helping the orphans in our orphanage. The impact was really great. Due to those dental services most of the people in the village had chance to receive a healthy treatment for their teeth and the gifts for the orphans truly have blessed them so much. We love you and always keep praying for you,” says Philip Fisherman, one of the local committees in Nepal.


Yes, we’re privileged to be part of what they called: Winter Mission. Working hand-in-hand with World Harvest Organization ( , Golden Nest, Inc sponsored eleven brave people to travel to places in Africa, such as Adjumani in Northern Uganda, Nimule and Juba in South Sudan, Wajir in Northeastern Kenya and Somalia from January 3rd to January 14th, 2012.

The team traveled to spread love and hope and help the people in need. This trip was quite challenging and lifethreatening, Here is the short account of trip…

The Team began their first day in Adjumani, northern Uganda by learning a shocking news. ”There had just been a hand grenade attack somewhere in Wajir, and 5 people had been killed or injured.” said by one of the local people.  Posed by this news, each team member had to make a decision whether or not to go to Wajir. Despite the alarming news and difficulties, everyone was aware of the task at hand: Must Continue. After two consecutive days of doing community service in Adjumani, the Team departed to Nimule in the world’s newest nation of South Sudan. They were warmly welcomed by more than 200 South Sudanese people, and government officials who had come for the Festival they will hold.

The Team also visited the young children hospital that housed around 50 children. Malaria was the common illness in South Sudan.

The team’s next destination was Juba, South Sudan’s capital. After Juba, the team travelled to Wajir, a border town in northeastern Kenya to bring food supplies to the starving Somali tribesmen and refugees. Wajir is a small town used as a Kenyan military base. It has seen many terrorist attacks and kidnappings committed by Al-Shabab, a militant Islamist group. The general population in Wajir are sympathizers of Al-Shabab.

The temperature when the team arrived was incredibly hot, about 105F! Before last December, Wajir had not seen any rainfall in the last 3 years.

The next morning, the Team went to a local Somali village and broke into pairs to help distribute food supplies – rice, beans, wheat flour – to about 400 families or 2000 people. Tribal chiefs or elders were present to ensure fair and equal amount of distribution. Some quarrels broke out among the people since they had been starving for months and waiting for foods.

Later in the afternoon, the team went to Lafaley village to help at a local clinic to dispense medicine. The word Lafaley, “a place of bones” in Somalis, portrays the dryness of the arid land. Medicines such as antibiotics, multivitamins, & anti-diarrhea drugs are in short supply and come approximately every two months, either from the government or from other foreign NGO’s. About 135 prescriptions were written and filled, and 65 injections were given that day. The other group of the Team went to visit an elementary school, reaching about 60 kids, where two of the Team’s hosts, Metrine and her husband, Kennedy were teacher missionaries. These kids are often asked by their families to make two-hour round trip trips to the nearest well to get water – which takes away their time to be in class. Before the Team left the village for the day, it was notable that a lone refugee made a special trip to thank the Team for the aid they had given. The thank you was refreshing to hear because earlier, it had mentioned that the refugees tend to have a victim mentality and don’t really appreciate what they get.

On the second and last day in Wajir, the Team again distributed food supplies to more than 800 families (3,000 people from five villages). People had already lined up from 7am, waiting for hours before the food was made available. Partly because of this and the mixing of different villages, the villagers got out of hand at one point and began to storm the single gate entrance, nearly trampling one of the team’s members.  In the end, the team was so grateful for the opportunity to distribute more than 15 tons of food supplies to the Somali villagers!

Below is the report of the relief distributed:

Medical Relief:

400 people were treated in Lavaley Village.

One child was sent to Nairobi, Kenya for kidney failure treatment

Food Relief:

1,900 households in six villages in Wajir, Kenya, near the border with Somalia.

Lavaley Village: 80 bags of rice, 50 bags of beans, and 700 liters of cooking oil. These food were feeding 700 households.

Four villages surrounding Wajir Success Academy: 1,000 households with about 200 bags of rice, 100 bags of beans, and 1,000 liters of cooking oil.

Wajir Success Academy: 20 bags of rice.

Total food relief package:

1.      300 bags of rice @ 50 kg/bag = 15,000 kg of rice

2.      150 bags of beans @ 50 kg/bag = 7,500 kg of beans

3.      1,900 liters of cooking oil

Signifi[count] Others

You’re never too young to raise awareness about giving to children, especially those who need the most help, like the children in Somalia who suffer from the 2011 disaster.

A one-year old boy celebrated his birthday in a totally different way than how most babies do. His parents hosted the birthday party as a charity night with one purpose in mind: to raise funds for malnourished children in Somalia. The party was held in the front yard of their house with lots of entertainments for the kids: jumper, reptile show, hot dog stand, merry-go-round, cotton candy cart.. and of course delicious foods for the adults. It was performed in a casual fine dining atmosphere with full music entertainment.

It was a very inspiring when his parents shared their hearts for the unfortunate children, and how they wanted to open a path for him to be a generous giver, to have compassionate heart, and to count others in all of the blessings he’ll have in life.

Instead of bringing gifts for the birthday boy, they kindly asked the guests to bring monetary gift that will be given directly to the kids in Somalia through World Harvest (, a humanitarian organization that has been helping people in Somalia. That night, Golden Nest, Inc also launched “Healthee’Nut F 100  THERAPEUTIC Milk”. It’s a peanut based spread that is packaged into single serve packets suitable for use by children aged 6 to 24 months. Healthee’Nut contains a blend of iron, iodine, sodium, vitamin A, C, D, E, K, the B-complex vitamins, folate, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and other ingredients in lesser dosage. Each packet contains 500 calories. It’s intended for severely malnourished patients, in a ready to eat format. We all got to taste the Healtee Nut F100!

There were about 200 people attended the party and almost $20,000 raised

As a token of appreciation, The host of the party gave each kids a pair of TOM SHOES ( to help the kids in Africa. What a great way to celebrate the first birthday!

By the way, have I told you that the host of the party is the owner of Golden Nest, Inc (